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He holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Indiana University, an M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury College, an M.A. in Bible from Columbia International University, and a B.A. in Mathematics from Wheaton College..

His unpublished works include: A Battle Plan for Twenty-First Century Evangelism, The Application of Salesmanship to Visitation Evangelism, The Mericleworker (Audio CD), The Church’s Greatest Opportunity (A Leader’s Guide), Language drills for a comparative study of different language teaching methodologies.


Will David Mitchell is a diversified author. His books include Debugging Java, Audaz, and To Chase the Wind. His screenplays include Spirit Kids, Forty Brave Soldiers, and Dan Dazzle.

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He is an experienced pilot able to fly most everything from Piper Cubs to 707’s. He flew the B-66 in Vietnam for 103 unarmed reconnaissance combat missions trolling for SAMs so F-105s could attack the SAM sites (scary stuff), and then the KC-135Q for another 65 combat missions refueling trisonic SR-71s in flight. He was awarded the Air Medal six times, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.





When John looked back, Claudia was glancing around furtively, eyes searching out the window and toward the door, as if looking for some unknown danger. When she focused on John’s concerned eyes, she smiled and the tight furrow between her eyes vanished.

“Israel has a problem,” she declared slowly, almost in a whisper. “And Carlton and I have chosen you to be one of four people we’re telling about our discovery, at least until we learn more about who can be trusted.”

“Then you’re not talking about a nuclear Iran.”

“Worse. Israel may be in imminent danger from another source. This will give you some background. She handed him a memory stick to plug into his computer. I’ll write the password on your left palm with a special pen. It will wash off. It’s case sensitive, with a 16-bit hash of the first six primes. Use XOR logic and convert everything in and out of 16-bit ASCII. Can you handle that?”

“Counting 1 and 2?” he asked, to be sure.

“The unity number is not defined as a prime,” she corrected with a momentary frown.

“I see. Should I look at it now?”

“No. Wait until you’re alone. That will be safer for you and for us. Study it, and you can get your questions answered later.

“You mentioned Israel…”

“Yes, Israel has a copy of this. The memory stick doesn’t tell the whole story. But it should have been enough for the Mossad to take action. So far they’ve ignored it. Carlton and I don’t know why. It could be buried under a mountain of high priorities. You’re in a better position to warn the Mossad, using a back channel from the U.S.A. Your President will also need to know about this. All the First World countries could be at risk.”

“I see.”

The furrows reappeared between Claudia’s eyes. “Now that I’ve delivered the message, I’d best be going. My presence here is a danger to you..

John stepped to the window, opened it and filled his lungs with the cool sea air. He noticed Claudia five stories down exiting the building, carrying a newspaper she had stopped to purchase. A flash of light, as if from a mirror caught his eye. He looked for its source and focused on the reflection coming from the large telescopic sight of a rifle on the adjacent building’s roof. The long, thick barrel of a sniper rifle, pointing at Claudia, was unmistakable.

“Claudia, watch out!” he shouted.

She didn’t hear him.

He yelled again. Louder.

The traffic drowned out his warning.

He slammed the window shut, grabbed the heavy phone on his desk, and threw it with all his strength at the window. Then he rushed back to observe the scene below. He saw the shattering glass hitting the pavement around Claudia and heard the gunshot an instant later. She had stopped and looked up. John saw her hair bounce as the bullet passed. It was obvious the momentary twist of her head had saved her life. He caught a glimpse of her terrified face as she turned and sprinted toward the waiting car.

John glanced back at the roof and saw Abdul drop his single-shot rifle, reach for his long-barrel machine pistol and resume firing. Disregarding harm that might come his way, John shouted to Claudia, “Run!” He saw her chauffeur racing toward her, arms extended beckoning her to run faster. He saw bullets hitting the ground just ahead of her. The shooter’s lead would need only a slight adjustment.

“Dodge! Zigzag!” John shouted. She couldn’t hear him, but instinctively she began darting left and right as more bullets pounded the pavement all around her.

The strong arms of her chauffeur lifted her and carried her to the car faster than John imagined possible. The man kept his body between her and the gunner, taking a hit in his side, as he threw her onto the floor of the limo. Seconds later, John found himself cheering as the powerful engine smoked the tires, and the limo rocketed away.

But Abdul kept firing. John could see holes appearing in the limo’s steel body. His heart pounded as he watched a stream of gasoline gushing onto the street. Finally, he relaxed when the limo disappeared in the distance. Margaret ran into the room screaming. “What happened?”