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Throughout the history of the Church there have been many attempts to wipe out Christianity.

All except two of the twelve followers of Jesus were martyred. Only John, the writer of the fourth Gospel and the Book of Revelation died a natural death, circa 100 A.D.

According to tradition, the causes of death of each of the Twelve  were:

  • Andrew: Martyrdom by crucifixion (bound, not nailed, to a cross).

  • Bartholomew (Often identified with Nathaniel in the New Testament): Martyrdom by being either 1. Beheaded, or 2. Flayed (skinned) alive and crucified, head downward.

  • James the Greater: Martyrdom by being beheaded or stabbed2 with a sword.

  • James the Lesser: Martyrdom by being thrown from a pinnacle of the Temple at Jerusalem , then stoned and beaten with clubs.

  • John: Died of old age.

  • Jude (Often identified with Thaddeus in the New Testament): Martyrdom by being beaten to death with a club.

  • Judas: Committed suicide after betraying Jesus.

  • Matthew: Martyrdom by being burned, stoned, or beheaded.

  • Peter: Martyrdom by crucifixion at Rome with his head downwards.

  • Philip: Martyrdom. The means unknown

  • Simon: Martyrdom by crucifixion. or being sawn in half.

  • Thomas: Martyrdom by being stabbed with a spear.

Here’s a list provided by Open Doors, USA that shows the extent of persecution in the top eighteen most dangerous countries for Christians starting with the most oppressive.

  5. IRAN
  7. YEMEN
  8. IRAQ
  11. LAOS
  14. EGYPT
  15. SUDAN
  16. BHUTAN

Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. An average of 100 Christians are killed each month usually in one of the above countries. Believers are persecuted in at least 60 countries around the world.

Tertullian was the first to note that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” And the church does tend to grow fastest in countries of greatest persecution. However, to stifle growth some countries make it illegal even to share the gospel with a friend, and in  countries like North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Maldives and several others, becoming a Christian often leads to a death sentence.

Watch this amazing video about worldwide persecution .

Persecution In America

There can be no doubt that American Christians can expect to suffer increased persecution when the IRS targets Christian organizations like The Biblical Recorder, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse, Christian Voices for Life, Iowa ‘s Coalition for Life of and James Dobson’s Family Talk broadcast.

Apparently, a Pentagon ban on military personnel attempting to evangelize fellow soldiers was the result of an anti-Christian activist who met with Air Force officials and demanded that soldiers who spend too much time talking about Jesus be booted from the service.

Some say that such a ban is unconstitutional. Others speculate that it would be difficult if not impossible to enforce. Notably, nothing has been said about Muslims attempting to convert fellow soldiers to Islam.

This uproar may seem like a tempest in a teapot, but isn’t it more likely a foretaste to things to come?


Tension is rising in the Middle East again. The civil war in Syria is worsening, Western sanctions on Iran are intensifying, large-scale military exercises by both Tehran and the West are on the cards. This is all worrying and cause for concern.

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Read more about Middle East tensions here: Prophecy News Watch.
The end-times events predicted in the Koran are much different from the correct predictions found in the Bible. Joel C. Rosenberg has captured this in  a three-book series on what we can expect from radical Islam. Check out Joel’s book here: Review of Tehran Initiative

“One of my friends pointed out that America is not found in Bible prophecy. I agree, America is not in Bible prophecy. It’s not even mentioned in the Bible. Although some scholars believe that the “Merchants of Tarshish” in Ezekiel 38:10-13 refer to England’s maritime power and the “young lions” refer to the countries England colonized which would include America. But there is nothing prophetic about that. However, we can still ask how America might fit into Bible prophecy. For example, the demise of the dollar could lead to a one-world currency, and if Obama forms treaties that strengthen international law, this could contribute to a predicted one world government. What do you think?”

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Our Future With Obama

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I dismissed Porter Stanberry’s prediction that Obama would win the election and also run for and win a third term in 2016. But after Obama did win a second term, I decided to read what Stanberry had to say. Well, he could be on to something despite his goal to promote his investment advisory. He thinks Obama will capitalize on a new American oil boom, an idea which does have some plausibility. An ABC World News article states that “from Pennsylvania and North Dakota to Texas, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are quickly turning the U.S. into an oil superpower. By some estimates, 2 trillion barrels of oil are waiting to be drilled — nearly twice the reserves in the Middle East and North Africa.” So far Obama seems to be favoring green energy, possibly ethanol, which Robert Zubrin in his book Energy Victory declares to the answer, and I have to agree. But I think Big Oil will prevent it unless they decide to own it. So what do you think? Could an American oil boom vault Obama into a third term and future history books as Stanberry thinks? Did he nix the Keystone Pipeline only to bolster his popularity among environmentalists before the election? And will he approve it now and ride an oil boom into a new wave of popularity? If so, how does this fit into Bible Prophecy?

Exciting new thriller reveals how world events may impact your future!

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If you like heart-pounding Future science, you’ll love this book. If you enjoy an embedded love story, you’ll find this one fascinating. If you want to know HOW, and learn the signs that indicate WHEN you can expect to see predicted events take place, you won’t be disappointed. The Biblical prophecies are well  researched and cleverly woven into a thrilling story. The sources are  cited on on this website so you can dig deeper.

To order, search for the subtitle, Israel’s Future Headlines on Amazon or Google.

 Watch Traler

Will You be alive when the world ends?

Before you say you don’t know, take a look at the clues in the following excerpt form the novel How The World Will End. The scene opens with a discussion of a non-fiction book called by prophecy scholar, Dr. Kenton Beshore   

The American Ambassador to Israel, John Alexander, goes on national radio to discuss what Beshore says about the future of Israel and the world. His purpose is to inform the citizens of Israel on what the Bible says about their country’s future. John is accompanied by his associate, Claudia Fromm. He begins the discussion with a key question.

“So Claudia, what Bible prophecies does the famous scholar think will be fulfilled in Israel in the near future?”

“The first is prophesied in Ezekiel 38 where the prophet lists the countries that will form a coalition to attack Israel. When you match the ancient names with modern countries, you discover that they include Russia, Iran, and most of the Arab nations.”

“What does Ezekiel predict will happen to us and to these countries?”

“Unlike previous wars in which we defeated our enemies, our army will be powerless against such a massive force. But Ezekiel says that God will intervene and the invading countries will be supernaturally defeated. Verses 20 through 22 of chapter 38 predict that mountains will be thrown down, cliffs will crumble, and walls will fall to the earth. That invading armies will turn their weapons against each other, and God will send down torrential rain, hailstones, fire, and burning sulfur.”

“So this will be what is often referred to as the war of Gog and Megog. Does Dr. Beshore have any opinion as to when it will happen?” “I think we all do. The precursors are in the news almost every day. Iran isn’t just making threats that they will attack Israel, they are preparing to do it. Russia has supplied plenty of conventional weapons, and it seems obvious that most of the other Arab countries will be happy to join the effort.”

“That will be an amazing event with a surprise ending. What are the next items on the prophetic calendar?”

“The rebuilding of the ancient city of Babylon, the formation of a world church, the rise of the False Prophet, a world economic system controlled by a world government, a breakup of the world government into ten divisions, the emergence of a strong political leader who will later be recognized as the Antichrist and signs in the sun, moon and stars accompanied by people fainting for fear of the things they see coming on the world.”

“The rebuilding of Babylon is already underway, and current economic and political pressures could be antecedents of a centralized world government.”

Claudia aimed a finger at her associate. “Now let me ask you a question, John. Do you think Iran will actually nuke Israel?”

“Personally, I don’t think it’s likely. Iran’s leaders may be what they appear, strong-arm religious fanatics intent on bringing back the twelfth Imam. But I think it’s more likely they want to become a nuclear power more for political reasons. It would give them the ability to intimidate Israel and give them a position of leadership in the Arab world.

“The reality,” John continued, “ is that no sane leader of any of those countries wants destroy their own sacred sites like the Dome of the Rock, and they don’t want to make Israel uninhabitable. What they want is to take over Israel and make it their own Islamic state. Of course, they could explode a nuclear bomb high above Israel to create an electromagnetic pulse that would fry our electronic infrastructure and render us virtually defenseless. Iran is testing high-altitude missile explosions indicating that this is something they may be considering. But I think it would take a lot of testing to get the altitude just right so they don’t cause widespread damage to the electronics in neighboring states. Iran doesn’t want to betray all its friends. Syria and Lebanon would be especially unhappy. It would also ratchet up Egypt’s anger, another country that’s intent on going nuclear. And again, it would be foolish to destroy the infrastructure of a country they want to occupy.” “So there’s no possibility we have to worry about an EMP attack?”

“There’s always a possibility. They would never do it if they couldn’t be certain of controlling collateral damage to their allies, but at this point that would be difficult if not impossible.”

“What’s the logical conclusion if these events are just around the corner?”

“The end of the world as we know it, could be closer than we think.”